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Students ' club at the Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases

A meeting was held of the students ' club at the Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases, the head of which is teacher Kusainova A. A. On the group meeting was attended by teacher of the Department Zhetmekov J. T. At the meeting of the students of the second and third course of foreign and Kazakh departments were identified in small group by the...

2017-12-06, 11:53 AM

Meeting of 3rd year students of General Medicine Faculty with the Dean

May 29, 2017was held a meeting of 3rd year students of "General Medicine" faculty with the Dean of PDE in the second lecture hall of Semey State Medical University. The meeting was attended by the dean of the PDE A.S. Orazalina, deputy Dean for the third course A.Sh. Zhylkybayeva and the Methodist G.D. Kulmagambetova.

2017-05-31, 06:00 PM

In hostel №1 was provided the event which was dedicated to "World Heart Day"

The tutors of the chair Internal Diseases Propaedeutics held event in the hostel №1, dedicated to the 29 September World Heart Day, where had invited students who living in a hostel №1 and a group 241 of foreign department and 330 group of russian department of the Faculty of General Medicine, groups 401,301 of Nursing Faculty.

2016-10-03, 10:57 AM

Olympiad on "Nursing" faculty

At 28.04.16 at the Department Propaedeutics of Internal diseases had been held Olympiad on discipline "Nursing" for students of the 2,3,4 courses of "Nursing " faculty. In the first round of the Olympiad, which was held in the form of test, 23 students participated. In the second round we have been 4 students- studentof 401group Svetlana...

2016-05-06, 09:49 AM

For students of foreign department conducted horizontally integrated practical workshops

February 22, 2016 teachers of Kazakh and Latin chair Abeshova N.M. and Shakirova B.T. held horizontally integrated workshops on the topic "The functions of the internal organs" in the 241 group of foreign students department. Students have used anatomical terms Kazakh, English and Latin, solved situational problems Kazakh language.

2016-02-23, 09:10 AM

Сity tour for foreign students

On 30.10.15 a tour of the Semey city was carried out by tutor of the group 151 Zhetmekova Zhuldyz Turekhanovna . The students listened with interest the story of foundation and development of our city, which is motherland of famous people and have many historical monuments, visited the shopping malls of the city.

2015-11-12, 11:55 AM