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In honor of the First president day and Independence Day

In honor of the First president day and Independence Day, the Department of Public Health held an open session in the group 202 of Stomatology Faculty. At this lesson was presented a special film, at the end were provided discussion sessions between students. Students of group received information about our leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev. This,...

2017-11-28, 02:19 AM

Spiritual revival: "Earth Great"

The literary and memorial museum of Abay being one of the most cultural centers of our Kazakhstan. Today in our country the museum - are guides playing a large role in scientific and cognitive the direction in formation of science, education and culture.

2017-11-14, 09:03 AM

Seminar-training "Compliment"

23.10.2017 took place the psychological training for curator groups of department of dentistry. In quality the guest was invited to a training the psychologist-sociologist of the Semey State Medical University Asylbekova Aygerim Mukhametbekkyza. The training was provided in the form of games, such as: "Acquaintance", "Crocodile", "Soccer",...

2017-11-08, 01:19 PM

Meeting with students of the Dentistry Faculty at the end of the winter session

On the 23th of February at 17 o'clock there was a meeting of the Dentistry Faculty. The meeting was attended by the dean of undergraduate education (UGE) Orazalina Ainash Saparovna and Deputy Dean Urazalina Nailya Muratkhanovna.

2017-02-27, 06:27 PM

The charitable action devoted to independence Day of Kazakhstan.

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the country doctors - interns 602,604 mentoring groups on specialty "Stomatology" under the guidance of a mentor Suleymenova D. M. held a charity event in an orphanage No. 8.

2016-12-14, 05:34 PM

Dental hygiene education – the most important element of the prevention of diseases of maxillofacial region.

Intensity of basic dental diseases among school- age children is high enough, and it’s very important to discover prevention lessons in schools, if we want to change the number of dental diseases among school boys and girls.

2016-11-30, 08:50 PM