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Meeting with students of the Dentistry Faculty at the end of the winter session

On the 23th of February at 17 o'clock there was a meeting of the Dentistry Faculty. The meeting was attended by the dean of undergraduate education (UGE) Orazalina Ainash Saparovna and Deputy Dean Urazalina Nailya Muratkhanovna.

2017-02-27, 06:27 PM

The charitable action devoted to independence Day of Kazakhstan.

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the country doctors - interns 602,604 mentoring groups on specialty "Stomatology" under the guidance of a mentor Suleymenova D. M. held a charity event in an orphanage No. 8.

2016-12-14, 05:34 PM

Dental hygiene education – the most important element of the prevention of diseases of maxillofacial region.

Intensity of basic dental diseases among school- age children is high enough, and it’s very important to discover prevention lessons in schools, if we want to change the number of dental diseases among school boys and girls.

2016-11-30, 08:50 PM

Olympiad "Aesthetic restoration", devoted to Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "and" Kazakhstan Independence 25th anniversary. "

The second year held Intrahigh Olympiad in restorative dentistry among the students of 4-5 courses on the department of dental disciplines.

2016-11-29, 03:11 PM

Results of student’s rector elections – 2016

On the 26th of October in 2016 at the Semey State Medical University wereelections of the student’s rector. Students of 3rd course of stomatology faculty -KaidarovAibyn and OrtbayevYernur were main candidates for this post.Elections were not easy because both of candidates are the best activists of University, who have many achievements.

2016-10-28, 05:43 PM

Higiene lessons

Intern doctors of dental faculty jf 601 and 602 groups that are members of the school № 17 Semey 20 october 2016. Higiene lessons were held in the zero and the first classes in the state and Russian languages. Interns lucidly told the children about the imdor tance of proper nutrition, time of the day, correct brushing.

2016-10-26, 10:06 AM