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“Astana – city of third millennium”

From 23rd till 26th of March, 2017 the students of the 1st course of foreign department visited the young capital of our country – Astana city. The visit of Astana took place as a part of the excursion “Astana – city of third millennium”. Students witnessed the grandiose scale of construction of northern capital, got acquainted with the history ...

2017-03-29, 03:17 PM

A visit to the museum named Y. Nevzorov

On February 28, the students of the foreign department (252, 251, 247 gr.), together with the curator of 252 gr. Olzhayeva R.R Nevzorovs visited the museum. Students, as well as curator was interested to know about the history of the opening of the Museum of the history of writing, some of the paintings, the technique of execution of works in...

2017-03-03, 09:04 AM

We study a Kazakh language together!

Students of 1 course together with department of Kazakh and Latin languages under the leadership of the Head of department Zhorokpayeva Meyramgul Dosanovna give additional classes for students on Kazakh. The purpose is: to reveal problems on lack of knowledge in Kazakh, to help students of development of base of this discipline and to put the...

2016-12-08, 04:32 PM

TB and its prevention methods

Problems of development of TB and its prevention methods are relevant throughout the world. Currently, the standard of living is gradually reduced, the rise in price of food has reduced flow of fruit and vitamins in the human body, which consequently led to decrease of enzyme activity and the weakening of the human body, and metabolic changes.

2016-11-29, 03:00 PM

Olympiad on Anatomy and histology department

24. 11. 2016 year on Anatomy and histology department Olympiad on Anatomy among students of the 2nd course was conducted. Olympiad was organized by Sadikova D.O., teacher of Anatomy department and students of the 317 group General Medicine faculty Arkeeva A., Ibragimova E., Ibraeva D., Sarsembaeva A., Tokenov A.

2016-11-28, 12:32 PM


18 November 2016 at the Department of nutrition and hygienic disciplines was held curatorial hour devoted to 25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Curatorial hour was organized by the 501 group of faculty "Medical-preventive care" (curator of group-senior teacher Dovgal G.D.), it was also attended by students 502,503, 301...

2016-11-25, 04:32 PM