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The meeting of Vice-Rector on Quality and continuing education with students of 3rd source of General medicine faculty

December 23, 2016 meeting was held among the students of the 3rd course of General Medicine faculty. At the meeting Vice-Rector on Quality and continuing education Bayldinova K.J., Dean of PDE Orazalina A.S., deputy dean of the 3rd course Zhylkybaeva A.Ş. and methodist Kulmagambetova G.D.

2017-01-04, 09:42 AM

Meeting of Vice-Rector with students 2 courses of specialty "General medicine"

On 23rd December of 2016 in the №2 lecture hall met the Pro-rector of quality and continuing education K.Zh. Bayldinova with 2 courses students specialty "General medicine". The meeting was organized by the dean’s office of Undergraduate education, which was also attended by the dean A.S Orazalina and vice-dean G.N.Tabuldinova.

2016-12-27, 10:03 AM