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Lecture on the conscientious and Kazakh artist of cinema and painter - Aysha G. Galimbaeva

21.12.17 and 22.12.17 students of 101, 105, 134, 141, 143 OM groups in the amount of 60 people visited the East Kazakhstan Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after the Nevzorov family in the Semey, under the supervision of curators Berikhanova A.E., Mukhamedzhanova Zh.A, Buzheyeva A.S., as well as a specialist of the Committee on Youth Affairs...

2017-12-28, 11:30 AM

Excursion to the house-museum of Abai

November 28, group 244 of a foreign department with tutor Tabuldinova G.N. visited the Abai literary and memorial house-museum. Abai Kunanbayev's house museum was first opened in 1940. Today it is not just a museum, but the frozen history of the old Semey. Students with great interest went through all the main halls of the museum, getting...

2017-12-04, 12:02 PM

Visiting the University's museums

On 17th and 21st of November, 2017 students of 151 groups of the foreign department of GM with tutor Temirkhanova M.S. visited the anatomical museum and the museum of "Hero of the Soviet Union M. Mametova and the history of the university."

2017-11-22, 12:19 PM

Excursion to the museum group of students 252 foreign department.

November 8, 2016 a group of foreign students 252 with curator Olzhayeva R.R. visited the museum. The museum was organized by political exiles in 1883. Initiators the founder of the museum were exiled E.P. Michaelis, as well as members of the Semipalatinsk Statistical Committee V.N. Filippov and M.I. Suvortsev. Active participation in the...

2016-11-09, 05:04 PM

“Thanksgiving Day”

On the first of March the students of 131 group GMF organized the meeting with "The pupils with auditory disturbances". The meeting was held by the curator Bagdat Oryntaevna, the director of the museum Sandugash Toleugaliyevna and reseach worker Ocsana Anatolyevna. During their visit the pupils were shown the film about the history of our...

2016-03-17, 12:37 PM

Event, which was prepared by the staff of the M. Mametova Museum

1st March 2016 142 group of foreign Department with tutor Kovaleva L. V. participated in the event, which was prepared by the staff of the M. Mametova Museum of our University for hearing-impaired children. Students prepared a presentation about India its history and traditions for the invited children.

2016-03-14, 12:11 PM