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Fourth of December, 2017 the local committee of the Kazakhstan Organization of Medical Youth under the guidance of Standing Committee on Public Health held the event in the walls of Semey State medical university. The event was dedicated to the World day against diabetes. In addition, the public event named as "Measure Your Blood Sugar Level"...

2017-12-27, 08:43 AM

A great step to a healthy future

At the 30th of November 2017 there was regular meeting of scientific society at the Department of "Public health". There was a hearing and discussion of reports Jusipova Aiym and Omarova Togzhan who will represent our University in the city of Shymkent.

2017-12-11, 09:47 PM

"School of Management" conducted a seminar-training

December 7, 2017 With the support of the "Youth Resource Center of the City of Semey" the organization "School of Management" conducted a seminar-training on the theme "Development of youth entrepreneurship: from idea to realism" at the State Medical University of Semey. This seminar was conducted by the trainer-consultant Tolenov A.E.

2017-12-08, 05:32 PM

Seminar on the topic «Compulsory social health insurance».

April 13, in 2017 at the department of Public Health under the leadership of Samarova U.S., with the participation of students of 502 groups of the faculty "Public Health" was held a seminar on the topic «Compulsory social health insurance».

2017-04-18, 03:52 AM

Consulting marketplace on the topic: "Children - our future".

In accordance with the State program of healthcare development of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Densaulyk" in the program objective includes:

2017-02-28, 08:49 AM

Preventive lecture "Stop hepatitis!" and professional orientation conversation in 7 schools of Semey student of 301gr. " pharmacy" Faculty Esbolatova Aigerim.

Viral hepatitis is one of the most actual problems of modern medicine. This is determined by their ubiquity, and high levels of morbidity. According to the WHO hundreds of millions of people to the calculated data in the world are infected with hepatotropic viruses. Also it should be noted that in Kazakhstan mortality from liver cancer is the...

2017-01-26, 11:09 AM