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Love your bones - protect your future! About the World Day for the Prevention of Osteoporosis

October 20 in 80 countries of the world celebrates World Day for the Prevention of Osteoporosis. This day has been celebrated in the world since 2005 and is held annually in order to convey to people around the world information that: osteoporosis is a “silent epidemic” in which for a long time there are no symptoms and only back pain can be the...

2018-10-18, 11:17 AM

International day of Suicide Prevention

In 2018 on 10th of September - our Semey State Medical University held a meeting for students who are stadying in 1st year education. 10th of September- is an international day of Suicide Prevention. It’s a very important and relevant for our society. Because Every year, thousands of youth die all around the world, not by cancer, car a...

2018-09-22, 01:14 PM

Sanitary and educational work on the prevention of meningococcal infection of interns GP 703 of Semey Medical University

01.06.2018 interns GP 703 groups of Semey Medical University conducted sanitary and educational work on the prevention of meningococcal infection in CDA No.3 of Semey. Speakers reported the epidemiological situation of this infection in Kazakhstan, highlighted the issues of epidemiology and the clinic of meningococcal infection.

2018-06-04, 01:35 PM

Scientific and Practical Conference "Meningococcal infection. Actual questions »

Despite the fact that meningococcal infection is a rare pathology, it is a global world problem, as it is the most common cause of death of children from infections in Europe. Mortality is about 8%, meningococcal infection accounts for up to 80% of meningitis, but half of the time is combined with meningococcemia.

2018-06-01, 06:27 PM

Seminar on the Prevention of Quarantine Infectious Diseases

According to WHO on 28.02.2018, the epidemiological situation of especially dangerous infections (OOI) in the world remains tense. The plague is registered in Madagascar - 4 cases, there are no lethal cases. 2,488 cases of cholera are registered in the world, of which 163 are lethal. Anthrax diseases are registered in Zimbabwe (Africa), 9...

2018-05-31, 12:47 PM


Fourth of December, 2017 the local committee of the Kazakhstan Organization of Medical Youth under the guidance of Standing Committee on Public Health held the event in the walls of Semey State medical university. The event was dedicated to the World day against diabetes. In addition, the public event named as "Measure Your Blood Sugar Level"...

2017-12-27, 08:43 AM