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New Year's miracle in Children's home №8 of Semey city

On December 23, 2017, the charity event "New Year in the Children's Home" organized by the curators of the department of Modern History of Kazakhstan and the GED, students of 1 course and of 150, 151 groups of foreign department was very successful. We collected a lot of gifts and congratulated all the children.

2017-12-27, 05:43 PM


On the 15th of December, Semey State Medical University organised a special programme for the especially abled children. This special event was organised by the dean’s office of undergraduate education. More than 20 children were invited and entertained with the sole purpose of encouraging and putting a smile on their faces. Students of both F...

2017-12-17, 08:50 AM

Festival of specialties “MyPro”

In the period from October 16 to October 18, 2017, the "MyPro" trade festival was held at the "Alshamali" shopping center in the Ust-Kamenogorsk as a part of the program called «Ruhany Zhangyru». Participants of the festival were 16 secondary and higher educational institutions of the East Kazakhstan region. The purpose of this event was a...

2017-10-30, 10:36 PM

City “Cleaning day”

According to the city authorities’ regulation from 15.04.17 till 21.05.2017 in order to keep cleanness and prosperity of our city the students of the 1st course of foreign department participated in the “Cleaning day”. One of the often-visited places of our city – Ertis riverside, where students of the university and people of Semey can walk, en...

2017-05-25, 04:59 PM

Work of “Ladies club”

On 20th of April, 2017 there was held a meeting with the girls of foreign department within the work of “Ladies club”.

2017-05-19, 06:03 PM

Participation of the students of foreign department in city “Cleaning day”

On 22nd of April, 2017 the students of 1st course of foreign department and their tutors took part in the city “Cleaning day” under the direction of Vice Dean of undergraduate education Kovaleva L.V.

2017-05-19, 05:31 PM