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Recent seminar on the actual problem of modern hepatology

Annual holding and organization of meetings with city school students have already become a tradition at the department of faculty therapy. So, over the past 5-6 years, outreach sessions of Students Science Club have been held covering such local schools as NIS, schools № 9, 34,28,37, family-type orphanage №8 within the framework of social pro...

2019-02-01, 05:54 PM

"Early sexual intercourse and its responsibilities and vulnerabilities"

Nowadays, it is important to absorb the right opinion about the generation of the family and the upbringing of the younger generation, because of the fact that human beings do not follow the hygiene of the fetus, today's generation is degraded.

2018-10-23, 09:16 AM

Values of human life

18.10.18 g. 1st year students (group 109) medical state University of Semey held a discussion with the plot and role-playing games and problematic issues on the theme "Values of human life."

2018-10-18, 07:33 PM

“Clean session”

At this meeting, the topic of academic honesty, the principles of “clean session” and responsibility for violation of rules during the session were discussed. The opinions of the teachers of the department, as well as students of 401, 431 groups were listened. Important points were the values of academic honesty, conscientiousness – the perfo...

2018-10-12, 06:07 PM

"World Contraception Day"

Students of Semey medical university, participants of the KazMSA organization, on September 20-26 of 2018-2019 academic year, the SCORA Committee responsible for reproductive health, held an action for the "World Contraception Day". International Day, which celebrates throughout the planet every year, on September 26 since 2007.

2018-10-03, 09:05 AM

“Prophylaxis of kids’ and teenagers’ suicide”

On the 21st of September 2018 the sanitary-enlighting work with pupils of the school #43 was conducted by activists of public health school, students of 301 group (specialty – “Public health”). On the agenda the issues, relating to “Prophylaxis of kids’ and teenagers’ suicide” among 10-11 classes and “Pediculosis and Scabies” among 5, 6, 7 class...

2018-09-28, 06:49 PM