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Training of doctors of East Kazakhstan region in England

Doctors from East Kazakhstan Regional Oncology Center sent by Mayor of East Kazakhstan Region Daniyal Akhmetov. Previous year 6 doctors from Center for Mother and Child in Oskemen and six from Semey Perinatal Center had already trained in major London clinics. This year obstetcians, paediatricians, neonatologists, cardiac surgeons and...

2017-10-11, 03:31 PM

LC KazMSA SSMU together with the «Infectious diseases of adults» - discipline are against AIDS!

LC KazMSA SSMU under the guidance of permanent SCORA Committee (Standing committee on Reproductive Health & AIDS) in collaboration with the «Infectious diseases of adults» - discipline, held an event in 22th of November 2016 that wasdedicated to the World Day against AIDS! The aim of this event was: to inform students about the risks of AIDS, t...

2016-11-25, 12:30 PM

Graduates of Semey State Medical University

Graduates of Semey State Medical University are widely proven themselves as excellent highly specialized doctors, who take care about health and welfare of the population. Their daily work is highly appreciated by both patients and international experts. In 2015, a graduate of Semey State Medical University Erkesh Sadykova, who currently works...

2016-07-04, 05:14 PM

The Visit of Professor from Nagasaki University

May 26, 2016 Professor of Nagasaki University N.Takamura visited Semey State Medical University. The main purpose the visit of Professor N. Takamura - attracting graduates of Semey State Medical University to study at two-year Master's degree in " Disaster and Radiation Medical Sciences" on the basis of a joint program of the University of...

2016-06-09, 05:01 PM

"Phytoproducts pharmaceutical company" Zerde-Fito "Seminar

As in previous years there was a break in the admission of students, the Faculty of Pharmacy is the most numerically small among the faculties of the University, but in spite of that we exist already know and in other cities of Kazakhstan. Thus, May 11, 2016 we pleased with his visit the guest from the Shymkent city - Beibit Amantaevich...

2016-06-01, 07:09 PM


February 18, 2016 a training seminar "Basics of social projection" was held at the Semey state Medical University . The organizers of the seminar-training - School of Management, and the speaker was Christine Krivets, the 4th year student of the faculty "Public Health".

2016-02-27, 10:47 AM