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The Visit of Professor from Nagasaki University

May 26, 2016 Professor of Nagasaki University N.Takamura visited Semey State Medical University. The main purpose the visit of Professor N. Takamura - attracting graduates of Semey State Medical University to study at two-year Master's degree in " Disaster and Radiation Medical Sciences" on the basis of a joint program of the University of...

2016-06-09, 05:01 PM

"Phytoproducts pharmaceutical company" Zerde-Fito "Seminar

As in previous years there was a break in the admission of students, the Faculty of Pharmacy is the most numerically small among the faculties of the University, but in spite of that we exist already know and in other cities of Kazakhstan. Thus, May 11, 2016 we pleased with his visit the guest from the Shymkent city - Beibit Amantaevich...

2016-06-01, 07:09 PM

Conference on the topic: “Miscarriage and preterm labour. Modern approaches for management”

As part of measures to reduce maternal and infant mortality, as well as the basis for projects’ realization of obstetricians and gynecologists on antenatal care competence the Obstetrics and Gynecology internship department of Semey State Medical University organized and held scientific-practical conference in Semey "Miscarriage and preterm l...

2016-01-14, 03:20 PM

"Actual issues of quality management of medical care . Organization of patient support services and internal control"

From 09.21.2015 to 05.10.2015 in Semey , and from 10.5.2015 to 10.17.2015 in Oskemen the Department of Public Health were conducted cycles of improvement of doctors in specialty health management on the topic "Actual issues of quality management of medical care . Organization of patient support services and internal control . " Listeners of...

2015-10-26, 04:53 PM

Master - class of visiting professor, a senior expert of «Senior Experten Service GmbH» Wolf-Dieter Stotz

Within academic mobility visiting professor Wolf-Dieter Stotz, a senior expert of «Senior Experten Service GmbH» from April 21 to May 6 2015 held a seminar on "Methods of teaching of English" for teachers, doctoral and master students.

2015-05-13, 09:55 AM

Workshop "Strategic Planning"

Members of the working group of the project "Budgeting based on a mission" from 06.04. to 10.04.15. a seminar on "Strategic Planning held for 35 employees of administrative personnel, from 14.04. on 16. 04.2015 18 for heads and vice-heads of departments and directors of studies (general education and basic disciplines). The workshop provided...

2015-04-29, 09:45 AM