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First cleaning day

April 21 this year, our groups 147 and 158 came to the subbotnik first time. Students took interest in the idea of cleaning the city with interest, our city is our common home. They also expressed regret that such actions are not held in their homeland. This is not a one-time event. We clean our city also in the autumn.

2018-04-24, 12:04 PM

Be closer to nature!

In the programmatic article "Bolashak bagdar: ruhany janhiru" Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested the development of the program "Tougan zher" ("Native Land"). "One of the important manifestations of patriotism is the attitude of a person with a special attachment to his native land, its culture and traditions," said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

2018-04-23, 02:33 PM

Participation of foreign students in the city's cleaning day

On April 21, 2018, the 1st year students of the foreign department and the group tutors under the supervision of the senior tutor Kudaibergenova Zh. M. took part in a city’s cleaning day.

2018-04-23, 10:34 AM

«Основные предикторы суицидального риска и меры их профилактики»

Курс психиатрии кафедры Неврологии, психиатрии, наркологии ГМУ г.Семей в рамках своего проекта улучшения «Основные предикторы суицидального риска и меры их профилактики» уделяет большое внимание общественной деятельности. ...

2018-04-17, 06:17 PM

At Ski Lodge of Semey Medical University

Members of the Public health Department on 17 February went out to Ski Lodge of Medical University for resting in countryside. On vacation members of the Public health Department have actively participated and their families. Actively out in the fresh air at the Country is definitely good for the health of all participants of the holiday. Our...

2018-02-21, 04:29 PM

Help me learn more about health! Do not harm your health!

Actively working on the student's scientific project of 241 GM group’s, under the direction of Olzhayeva R.R., on February 14, the members of scientific club of the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named Tapbergenov S.O. conducted another enlightening and informative and preventive conversation for the students of the 10th g...

2018-02-15, 04:28 PM