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Fourth of December, 2017 the local committee of the Kazakhstan Organization of Medical Youth under the guidance of Standing Committee on Public Health held the event in the walls of Semey State medical university. The event was dedicated to the World day against diabetes. In addition, the public event named as "Measure Your Blood Sugar Level"...

2017-12-27, 08:43 AM

AIDS. All Together We Defeat AIDS. Afraid not need, you need to know!

December 1 - World AIDS Day. All over the world this day is talked about AIDS, about what threat to the existence of mankind is borne by the global epidemic.

2017-11-30, 10:23 PM

Use your voice; use your strength in the struggle for peace against AIDS

World AIDS Day became an annual event in most countries after the General Assembly, in December 1988, expressing its deep concern about the prevalence of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), declared December 1 World AIDS Day.

2017-11-29, 02:07 PM

Open day within the framework of "World Day against Breast Cancer"

At 21st of October 2017, the Regional Cancer Clinic hosted the Open Doors Day that was dedicated to the World Day against Breast Cancer, in which the Local Committee of KazMSA SMU of Semey city took part under the guidance of the Standing Committee on Reproductive Health (SCORA).

2017-11-01, 11:19 AM

Health Day

Semey State Medical University held a Health Day on the Embankment of our city, timed to the city festival "Golden Autumn". Students of the first and second courses, including the foreign department, arranged a flash mob dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, and danced the national dance "Kara Jorga". Also in the program of the event were tug of...

2017-10-28, 01:52 AM

Day of Health

October 21, 2017 on the embankment of the city of Semey passed an event dedicated to the Health Day in conjunction with the action "Golden Autumn" at the opening of the Health Day made a congratulatory speech by the dean of the university - Orazalin Ainash Saparovna. In her speech, she congratulated students and teachers on the holiday, touched...

2017-10-27, 01:36 AM