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"There is no drug addiction"

On March 4, 2019, students of the 4th year of the 406th group of the specialty “Dentistry” conducted a training on the topic “Damage to alcoholism, drug addiction and smoking” under the guidance of the curator and narcologist Galiya Seitgazinovna. The lecture was followed by the report “Bad habits” of young people's videos showed that most...

2019-03-12, 03:36 PM

Awareness and prevention lecture. Hearing health

Continuing research work to study the effect of headphones on human hearing, a member of the circle of the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines. Ph.D. Tapbergenova S.O., student 245 of the GM group Burumbetov Nurtai, held an awareness-prevention lecture for students of grades 9-11 of the secondary school named after M.V....

2019-03-02, 01:33 PM

Нealthy lifestyle

28.02.2009 students of 109 groups took part in the curatorial hour, which was devoted to a healthy lifestyle. The students were trained on healthy lifestyles and play games. The purpose of this event is to inform students how to lead a right healthy lifestyle.

2019-03-02, 11:27 AM

Do not put your hearing at risk!

March 3 is the international day of ear and hearing health. As part of a research student project on hearing problems and the prevention of hearing risk factors among students and young people, as one of the directions for the implementation of the «Densaulyk program», on the eve of the International Day for Ear and Hearing Health, March 24, s...

2019-03-01, 08:31 PM

Поздравляем за занятое I место в первенстве города по шахматам

Поздравляем за занятое I место в первенстве города по шахматам среди ВУЗов и колледжей, посвященный Дню Независимости Республики Казахстан

2018-12-20, 10:58 AM

Say "NO" to Drug

There are many types of drugs in this world. The common drugs are are used are like, marijuana, heroin, and hashish, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), cocaine, nictoine, amphetamines (known as pep pills, ecstasy, and many more.

2018-12-15, 12:31 PM