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We can prevent diabetes!

November 14 World Diabetes Day. To attract the attention of the inhabitants of our planet to the disease called diabetes, International Diabetes Federation and WHO have established this special day. Date of November 14 was chosen not without reason, that day was born Frederick Banting, who played an important role in the discovery of a cure for...

2016-11-16, 10:43 AM

Workshop for students of English groups

On October 21st students of English groups of Faculty of General Medicine Kuanyshbek Alibek (440 group) and Kadyrzhanova Gulfiya (548 group) held a workshop for students of English groups of 1-3 courses on international programs. Alibek and Gulfiya have won educational grants by the international program Global Undegraduate Exchange Program in...

2016-10-27, 09:33 AM


On October 17, 2016 to the university the delegation from India of the first course students’ parents of foreign department came with the visit. The visit of foreign students’ parents has become a good tradition of our university. There was arranged a meeting in the conference hall with the administration of the university represented by the Vic...

2016-10-19, 05:19 PM

«Walking Kazakhstan»

On 14th of October, the students (140-142 groups) of SSMU visited the conference called «Walking Kazakhstan», which takes place in Abai’s library. During the conference the Californian tourist Dennis Kin presented his own project. He created the guide map for foreign tourists named «Walking Almaty». What makes this project interesting is that we...

2016-10-19, 10:00 AM

Integrated lecture

A very good experience it was as we all understand how important it is to respect each other in every sense.

2016-10-17, 09:09 AM

International Day of teacher

You know, it believes the same to us, that if it will remain to live earth, higher dignity of humanity will be become when teachers.

2016-10-13, 11:23 AM