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World Sight Day

World Sight Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of October at the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO). This date is marked in the calendar to attract global attention to the problems of blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of people with visual impairment. This day is also the main event of the global vision for...

2018-10-12, 06:59 PM

October 1 is the day of good and respect

Today, looking at the ongoing political, macroeconomic processes, the spiritual component is more important than ever. It is she who gives strength, faith, inviolability and inviolability of all the foundations of world civilizations.

2018-10-02, 02:33 PM

Evening of fasting for foreign students

Teacher of the Kazakh and Latin chair, tutor of 147 and 158 groups Shakirova B.T. invited Muslim students who fast Oraza during the holy month of Ramadan to the turkish café «Istambul-picnic» for «Evening of fasting». Students themselves read dua for «Evening of fasting».

2018-06-11, 03:43 PM

Foreign students organized «Auyzashar»

In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslim students with the support of the dean office of the foreign department organized «Auyzashar» for those who fast Oraza. 150 Muslim students of all courses who living in the hostel and teachers of those who fast during Ramadan were invited to «Auyzashar».Students cooked Indian food themselves, read dua for «Au...

2018-06-04, 07:18 PM

Day of symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

May 30, 2018 our tutorial groups took part in the event organized by the Abai Regional Library. Having gained independence in 1991, Kazakhstan, as a sovereign state, adopted its state symbols. The development of official symbols in the history of the formation of Kazakhstan's state independence holds a special place. All Kazakhstanian people...

2018-06-01, 07:49 PM

Holiday of defenders of Motherland - for the peaceful Kazakhstan people

Holiday of defenders of Motherland - for the peaceful Kazakhstan people is momentous day. For the our compatriots this holiday is the symbol of heroism, firmness, patriotism and service to Motherland.

2018-05-11, 10:31 AM