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Celebration of NAURYZ - 2017

22nd of March 2017 students and teacher’s staff of Semey State Medical University celebrated “Nauryz” holiday as all Kazakh people in Kazakhstan. This year for the organization of holiday Nauryz was responsible Dean´s office of undergraduate education of with Dean Orazalina A.S.

2017-03-28, 11:55 AM

Holi Festival

Holi is one of the most colorful holidays in India, the Bengali New Year. It is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Phalguna, which falls on February-March.

2017-03-18, 06:27 PM

International Women’s day!

06.03.17 professor of the Public health department Bazarbek Zhenisbek on the eve of « 8- march International Women’s day» had meeting with students of 308 group GM.

2017-03-09, 03:04 PM

Curatorial hour on the theme “Day of Thanks”

On 1st March 2017 year Curatorial hour on the theme “Day of Thanks” was held by students of 109 GM and111 GM groups. Students made a presentation reflected the mean and origin of the word “Thanks”.

2017-03-02, 06:22 PM

February 9 International Day of the dentist!

February 9 at the department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines Acting Associate Professor R.R. Olzhayeva and 207 students groups, the English Department, Faculty of stomalogy discussed and congratulated each other on the international day for the dentist!

2017-02-10, 10:35 AM

Coming New 2017 Year celebration with the 1st course students of foreign department

Good day every one! We had a great exciting party on 28/12/2016 for 1st course, celebrating Christmas and New Year. Everyone enjoyed a lot as it was fun to participate with local students in activities like games and dance skit

2017-01-04, 09:17 AM