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New Year's greetings for orphans children

On the eve of the New Year on December 28, students from 207 groups of the Dental Faculty, student club "Kyz Zhibek", 244 group of the foreign department headed by G.N. Tabuldinova visited children's home № 8. This work was carried out according to the annual work plan of the club.

2017-12-30, 11:25 AM

New Year's miracle in Children's home №8 of Semey city

On December 23, 2017, the charity event "New Year in the Children's Home" organized by the curators of the department of Modern History of Kazakhstan and the GED, students of 1 course and of 150, 151 groups of foreign department was very successful. We collected a lot of gifts and congratulated all the children.

2017-12-27, 05:43 PM

Duty in the hostel

16.12.17 y.- 19.12.17 y. were announced days off due to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in connection with which in the hostels # 1,3,7 of the Semey State Medical University were held the duties of the deputy dean of the Undergraduate education A.Sh.Zhylkybaeva, E.A.Zhakupbekova, A.S.Dyusembaeva, T.A.Rymbayeva, L.A.Pak,...

2017-12-26, 04:10 AM


This year the people of Kazakhstan celebrate 26 year of independence. The way to achievement of independence was not easy. At December, 14 was carry out the measure on the theme "Тәуелсіздік - тұғырым ". The measure by the direction Zhengisbek Bazarbek, professor of Public Health department and students of 534 groups GM faculty....

2017-12-17, 10:06 AM


On the 15th of December, Semey State Medical University organised a special programme for the especially abled children. This special event was organised by the dean’s office of undergraduate education. More than 20 children were invited and entertained with the sole purpose of encouraging and putting a smile on their faces. Students of both F...

2017-12-17, 08:50 AM

Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On 15 of December 2017 a curatorial hour was held among the students of 101 group of OM, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2017-12-16, 02:55 PM