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February 9 International Day of the dentist!

February 9 at the department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines Acting Associate Professor R.R. Olzhayeva and 207 students groups, the English Department, Faculty of stomalogy discussed and congratulated each other on the international day for the dentist!

2017-02-10, 10:35 AM

Coming New 2017 Year celebration with the 1st course students of foreign department

Good day every one! We had a great exciting party on 28/12/2016 for 1st course, celebrating Christmas and New Year. Everyone enjoyed a lot as it was fun to participate with local students in activities like games and dance skit

2017-01-04, 09:17 AM

"Christmas tree" in the children's ward of a Psychiatric Clinic

New year the most favorite holiday among children and adults. Waiting for him for a year and the magic of this holiday is preserved in the hearts of people, especially children. 28 Dec 2016 resident course of psychiatry in conjunction with the assistants of the Department of neurology, psychiatry and infectious disease, psychiatry course held...

2016-12-29, 04:41 PM

International Human Solidarity Day!

December 20 at the Department of Biochemistry and chemical disciplines, students of 252 group GMF of foreign department and 201 group MPF, together with the tutor of 252 groups Olzhayeva R.R., discussed at the Department of International Human Solidarity Day. December 22, 2005, the UN General Assembly proclaimed that the International Human...

2016-12-21, 12:23 PM

The event dedicated to the "25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan"

The 16-th of December the festive concert was held by Department of nutrition and hygienic disciplines in the hostel №3. The festive concert was dedicated to the "25th anniversary of Kazakhstan independence".

2016-12-20, 11:01 AM

Event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Event was organized by residents of radiation diagnostics of first year study in conjunction with the department of internship in surgery which dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 14, 2016. The main points of formation of the Republic of Kazakhstan was highlighted as an independent...

2016-12-20, 09:17 AM