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Round table "Step into science"

On May 18, 2017, a round table "Step into Science" was held in the large conference hall within the framework of the Improvement Project "Research work of students with a quality mark", organized by the club "Consiliummedicum". Young scientists-researchers of our university and 1st-year students, participants of the 59th international...

2017-05-24, 10:28 AM

The Visit of Professor from Nagasaki University

May 26, 2016 Professor of Nagasaki University N.Takamura visited Semey State Medical University. The main purpose the visit of Professor N. Takamura - attracting graduates of Semey State Medical University to study at two-year Master's degree in " Disaster and Radiation Medical Sciences" on the basis of a joint program of the University of...

2016-06-09, 05:01 PM

Grants information

One of significant direction of social-ecological development all over the world is becoming the innovative development model. Innovative model is also determined by the priority of our development in strategic policy “Kazakhstan – 2050”.

2014-12-26, 03:28 PM

The meeting devoted to the Day of Science

14.04.2014 years in a small conference hall (MCM), Families held a meeting devoted to the Day of Science. The meeting was attended by PhD students and supervisors. The meeting was opened by the rector of the University, Professor, honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tropicoolmiami.com. He began his speech with congratulations to all...

2014-05-01, 02:38 AM

Training seminars for professor-co-teaching staff, masters and doctoral students

Within the framework of “international cooperation and academic mobility”, Semey State Medical University was visited by professor of Nothern Illinois University , Phd Nailya Almagambetova. Training seminars will be held from April 21, 2014 to May 3, 2014 for professor-co-teaching staff, masters and doctoral students.

2014-04-22, 10:26 AM

Отчет выпускников докторантуры PhD 2010-2013 гг.

4 февраля 2014 года в большом конференц-зале Государственного Медицинского университета г. Семей состоялась встреча ректора с докторантами PhD и научными руководителями. В ходе данной встречи выпускники докторантуры PhD 2010 – 2013 гг. выступили с отчетной информацией о ходе своей образовательной и научной деятельности. Со вступительным словом...

2014-02-11, 09:54 AM