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Independent examination at the Department of Anatomy and Histology

The practical part of the exam by OSPE methodics for the specialties "General Medicine" and "Stomatology" is conducting on 04-08 of June, 2018 at the Chair of Anatomy and Histology. Senior lecturers of the Chair of Morphology of KSMU Karibzhanova Rosa and Sholotova Gulmira were invited as independent examiners on June 7th to provide...

2018-06-11, 03:16 PM


On May 10, 2018 a regular meeting with students of the 5th course about the forthcoming State exam was held. Dean of the DUE AS Orazalina and responsible secretary S.B. Maukaeva clarified the main issues of conducting the State Examination - the date of carrying out, the form of clothes, the instruction for holding the first and second stages...

2018-05-12, 10:26 AM

Summing up the results of scientific, public work of students of the English department

Our younger generation is the future of Kazakhstan and an important task of educating the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Tabbergenov S.О. - the formation of important personal qualities among students as scientific thinking, civic responsibility, spirituality and culture, initiative and independence, tolerance, ...

2018-05-05, 04:25 PM

The winter exam session was completed at Semey State Medical University.

The winter exam session was completed at Semey State Medical University. Exams in the foreign department took place in various forms: in the form of test tasks in the program Sirius, oral examinations, practical skills. The Israeli technology of taking the exam by three teachers on the subject was applied.

2018-01-25, 04:47 PM

Еxam on discipline “Emergency medical aid”

Students of General medicine faculty of 523, 525, 527, 535, 536, 544, 545 groups passed oral exam on discipline “Emergency medical aid”. The next stage will be passing MCQs, which will take place on 27.12.2017 y. In general exam consist of 3 parts: practical skills in SCC, oral exam and MCQs.

2017-12-26, 09:33 AM

"The role of maslikhat in the system of public administration"

On 20 December in 2017 in the building of the city akimat were awarded the participants of the scientific and practical conference among the students of higher educational institutions on the topic: "The role of maslikhat in the system of public administration." At the conference were students of the 2nd course of the specialty general...

2017-12-23, 01:11 PM