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The winter exam session was completed at Semey State Medical University.

The winter exam session was completed at Semey State Medical University. Exams in the foreign department took place in various forms: in the form of test tasks in the program Sirius, oral examinations, practical skills. The Israeli technology of taking the exam by three teachers on the subject was applied.

2018-01-25, 04:47 PM

International Research Interdisciplinary School

From 24-29 September 2017 in Semey city was hold International Research Interdisciplinary School (IRIS), organized by the Department of Pharmacology and Evidence Medicine of the Semey State Medical University, under the patronage Associations of Clinical Pharmacologists and Pharmacists of the East Kazakhstan Region.

2017-10-16, 08:00 AM

59-th Scientific and Practical Conference

2017 April 27-28 the 59th Scientific and Practical Conference was held at the State Medical University of Semey. The conference was attended by students from all universities of our country and students from neighboring countries.

2017-05-05, 09:51 AM

City “Cleaning day”

On 15th of April under the direction of Dean of undergraduate education Orazalina A.S., Vice dean Urazalina N.M., the students and tutors of 1st course (134 people) of such specialties as “Public health”, “Nursing”, “Medical and prophylactic work”, “Stomatology” and “Pharmacy” went out to clean the territory of Irtysh riverside, near the main bu...

2017-04-19, 11:05 AM

Intellectual Olympiad of pharmacology

Intellectual Olympiad of pharmacology among the students of the 3rd course “General medicine” faculty was held on the 11th of April , 2017 in Semey State Medical University. The topic of the Olympiad was “The pharmacotherapy of the different glomerulonephritis”.

2017-04-18, 08:42 AM