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Training to the methodics OSPE at the Department of Anatomy and Histology

The practical part of the exam by OSPE methodicsfor the specialties "General Medicine" and "Stomatology" is conducting on 04-08 of June, 2018 at the Chair of Anatomy and Histology. Senior lecturers of the Chair of Morphology of KSMU Karibzhanova Rosa and Sholotova Gulmira were trained at the Chair of Anatomy to the methodics of OSPE. First time...

2018-06-15, 03:53 PM

The introduction of the "Standardized Patient" technology in the educational process.

In recent years, various information and innovation technologies have been used in the healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In department of Stomatologic disciplines of SSMU functions a phantom class, thanks to this, students were given the opportunity to conduct medical manipulations on special mannequins. However, it is not possible to...

2018-04-27, 08:47 PM

Happy dentist's day!

February 9 is the day of the dentist. On the eve of the feast on February 8, at the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Tapbergenov S.O. and about. Аssistant professor Olzhayeva R.R. and students of the 207 group of the English Department of the Dental Faculty discussed the history of this holiday, congratulated each ...

2018-02-08, 06:30 PM

The winter exam session was completed at Semey State Medical University.

The winter exam session was completed at Semey State Medical University. Exams in the foreign department took place in various forms: in the form of test tasks in the program Sirius, oral examinations, practical skills. The Israeli technology of taking the exam by three teachers on the subject was applied.

2018-01-25, 04:47 PM

In honor of the First president day and Independence Day

In honor of the First president day and Independence Day, the Department of Public Health held an open session in the group 202 of Stomatology Faculty. At this lesson was presented a special film, at the end were provided discussion sessions between students. Students of group received information about our leader, Nursultan Nazarbayev. This,...

2017-11-28, 02:19 AM

Spiritual revival: "Earth Great"

The literary and memorial museum of Abay being one of the most cultural centers of our Kazakhstan. Today in our country the museum - are guides playing a large role in scientific and cognitive the direction in formation of science, education and culture.

2017-11-14, 09:03 AM