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Evening of fasting for foreign students

Teacher of the Kazakh and Latin chair, tutor of 147 and 158 groups Shakirova B.T. invited Muslim students who fast Oraza during the holy month of Ramadan to the turkish café «Istambul-picnic» for «Evening of fasting». Students themselves read dua for «Evening of fasting».

2018-06-11, 03:43 PM

Foreign students organized «Auyzashar»

In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslim students with the support of the dean office of the foreign department organized «Auyzashar» for those who fast Oraza. 150 Muslim students of all courses who living in the hostel and teachers of those who fast during Ramadan were invited to «Auyzashar».Students cooked Indian food themselves, read dua for «Au...

2018-06-04, 07:18 PM

«Arbor Day»

«Arbor Day» is a kind of a holiday that is celebrated in a number of countries around the world and is connected with tree planting, restoration of lost forests or the desire to plant and cultivate urban and suburban areas: parks, squares, etc. The university took over the determination of the sites for planting, provided with planting m...

2018-06-01, 07:44 PM

University Olympiad on "Professional Kazakh language" among foreign students

26.05.2018 it was held university olympiad on professional Kazakh language among 3-5 courses of the foreign department within the framework of the «Болашаққа бағдар: рухани жаңғыру» program at the Kazakh and Latin chair, in order to determine the level of foreign students.

2018-05-30, 06:27 PM

“Mister University - 2018”

“Mister University - 2018” event was conducted in the assembly hall of the main building of University on 15.05.18. There were 9 contestants from 1st year of the foreign department who took part in the competition. 4 rounds were there: introduction, talent, question round and arm wrestling.

2018-05-25, 06:29 PM

Olympiad in histology among foreign department students of the 2nd course.

On April 30, the Department of Anatomy and Histology held the first in the history of the university olympiad on histology "Experts of histology of the digestive system" for students of the 2nd year of foreign and English department. In the Olympiad 5 teams took part. Organizers of the Olympiad: Uzbeckova S. E., students of the 255 group of...

2018-05-03, 07:43 PM