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The meeting of leaders

In 21st April of 2017 at Semey state medical University in the 2nd lecture hall was held a training seminar under the guidance of the teacher of "basics of economic theory" discipline - Alimkhanova N. and the monitor of the 1st course – Yerlan Almas

2017-04-24, 02:40 PM

Бірнеше шағын сұхбат өткізу бойынша семинар

«Медициналық және фармацевтік білім беру ұйымдарына талапкерлерді таңдау және қабылдауға жаңа әдістерді әдістеу және енгізу» 2016 -2019 жылдарға «Медициналық білім беруді модернизациялау» жобасын жүзеге асыру бойынша Жол картасы тарауын орындау мақсатында, 2017 ж. 10-11, 17-19 сәуірде Семей қ. ММУ «Бірнеше шағын сұхбат (MMI)» оқыту семи...

2017-04-20, 05:26 PM

Seminar on the topic «Compulsory social health insurance».

April 13, in 2017 at the department of Public Health under the leadership of Samarova U.S., with the participation of students of 502 groups of the faculty "Public Health" was held a seminar on the topic «Compulsory social health insurance».

2017-04-18, 03:52 AM

Seminar-training on the topic: “100 concrete steps to implement institutional 5 reforms”.

On the 12th of December in 2016 was held an event dedicated the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and seminar-training on the topic: “100 concrete steps to implement institutional 5 reforms”. Seminar "Ideas Changing the World" was held at a high level. We were become introduced with many con...

2016-12-20, 09:24 AM

Students of SSMU received training at the training seminar “IDEAS CHANGING THE WORLD”

In the period from 15th to 16th November students of Semey State Medical University took part in the two-day duration training seminar called “Ideas changing the world”. The seminar was held in Astana city, in the library of the Leader of the Nation. Among the listeners were the best students of our “Alma mater”. The primary goal of that traini...

2016-11-29, 03:35 PM

Do not smoke take care of your health!

November 18 - International Day of smoking cessation. In recent years, more and more teenagers in Kazakhstan and in other developing countries smoke. If this trend continues, then in 20-30 years is almost 70% of all deaths will be caused by smoking.

2016-11-16, 03:18 PM