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International Women’s day!

06.03.17 professor of the Public health department Bazarbek Zhenisbek on the eve of « 8- march International Women’s day» had meeting with students of 308 group GM.

2017-03-09, 03:04 PM

Celebration, dedicated to 80-anniversary of honored professor, doctor of medical science Ivanova Rayfa Latyfovna

7th of December, 2016 in Semey State Medical University passed celebration, dedicated to anniversary d.m.s., professor of chair of after diploma education Ivanova. R. L.

2016-12-14, 05:43 PM

Halloween Party!

Every year Halloween becomes a strong part of the usual range of holidays for us, especially for young people. The interest of young people to the celebration of Halloween is clear - interesting costumes, make-up and an unusual touch of fear and horror distinguish this day. If you successfully choose the script of Halloween, you can cover...

2016-11-16, 09:03 AM

Friendship - a pledge of peace

On 29th of April students of 106 group with curator Bekturova Alma Shakerbayevna, teacher of the Department of Computer Science held on a special event in honor of the unity of the people of Kazakhstan. Each group separate national holidays on the territory of Kazakhstan.

2016-05-13, 09:11 AM

Tutors hour - World Health Day 7 April

There is nothing more important and more valuable than your health! Even the rich, but weak and sickly jealous of the poor, which is healthy and full of energy. Health problems have people of all countries and nationalities, and the disease knows no borders, they do not need a visa to travel the world. Therefore, the state of health of people...

2016-04-01, 05:55 PM

Health - the greatest human value!

On the eve of World Health Day, April 1 at the department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines he had a conversation with students of 207 group GMF (Lecturer Olzhayeva R.R.). The students made a presentation devoted to the subject. Health greatest human value. However, it refers to a person's health more lightly. "What we have - we do not...

2016-04-01, 05:53 PM