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Nauryz is a holiday of spring and abundance!

Nauryz is the day of the revival of nature, awakening it from a dream. It is believed that the generous celebration of Nauryz holiday will bring abundance and success to the house for a whole year. These beliefs explain the abundance of festive rituals and customs.

2018-03-29, 06:24 AM

The Great Nauryz

On March 22, students of groups 147 and 158 took part in the celebration of Nauryz. They participated for the first time. Students played national games - "bes tas", "asyk". The winners were rewarded with consolation prizes. Also, students heard Kazakh national music, saw national dances. Students tasted Kazakh national dishes - Nauryz kozhe,...

2018-03-26, 08:15 PM

Nauryz - holiday of spring.

Nauryz in Kazakhstan symbolizes richness, friendship and love. This is exactly what the students of the 240 group wanted to show to foreign students of our university, so on March 20, 2018 students of 240 and 253 groups of the English department of the Faculty of General Medicine held an event in honor of the Nauryz holiday. Also curators of...

2018-03-24, 08:56 AM

Nauryz is a holiday of spring and abundance!

Nauryz is the day of revival of nature, awakening it from sleep. This is a very symbolic holiday and, accordingly, Nauryz is associated with many traditions and customs. It is believed that a generous feast of Nauryz will bring the house abundance and success for the whole year.

2018-03-20, 05:56 PM

Happy New 2018 Year!

Wish you a Happy New Year! Let all the problems remain in the past, and wish happiness, luck and success to all your efforts this year!

2017-12-30, 09:28 PM

Happy New Year!!

As usual, by the end of each year it is common to sum up. Although I started work only in September, there are some work results. The beginning of the academic year was very intense: acquaintance with the work, new students, new acquaintances, new problems and ways to solve them.

2017-12-27, 06:00 PM