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Training to the methodics OSPE at the Department of Anatomy and Histology

The practical part of the exam by OSPE methodicsfor the specialties "General Medicine" and "Stomatology" is conducting on 04-08 of June, 2018 at the Chair of Anatomy and Histology. Senior lecturers of the Chair of Morphology of KSMU Karibzhanova Rosa and Sholotova Gulmira were trained at the Chair of Anatomy to the methodics of OSPE. First time...

2018-06-15, 03:53 PM

Summing up the results of scientific, public work of students of the English department

Our younger generation is the future of Kazakhstan and an important task of educating the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Tabbergenov S.О. - the formation of important personal qualities among students as scientific thinking, civic responsibility, spirituality and culture, initiative and independence, tolerance, ...

2018-05-05, 04:25 PM

The introduction of the "Standardized Patient" technology in the educational process.

In recent years, various information and innovation technologies have been used in the healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In department of Stomatologic disciplines of SSMU functions a phantom class, thanks to this, students were given the opportunity to conduct medical manipulations on special mannequins. However, it is not possible to...

2018-04-27, 08:47 PM


On the 7th of April 2018, the Olympiad in Biochemistry was held at the department of Biochemistry named after Prof. Tapbergenov S.O. This competition was participated by both students of foreign department and local English groups of 2nd year. The competition comprised of 6 teams having 7 members each.

2018-04-27, 08:25 AM

Olympiad of Kazakh language

21.04.2018 Kazakh and Latin chair organized Olympiad between foreign students on Kazakh language. From our groups 147 and 158 Azmat Rafik, Nimra Shabbir, Najmus Saquib, Rishav Kumar, Mohan Kumar, Sharma Rohit Kumar, Bharat Singh, Khan Imtiaz participated in this Olympiad. They repeated all topics, composed dialogues, reading poems and singing...

2018-04-27, 08:09 AM

Knowledge of three languages should become a standard practice for us

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has called Kazakhstan citizens to learn three languages - Kazakh, Russian and English. "Knowledge of three languages should become a standard practice for us. We are teaching (these languages to) our children starting from their first year at school," he said. Nazarbayev emphasized that all the Kazakhstan citizens...

2018-04-20, 11:17 AM