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Loss of learning motivation

Motivation is the desire to do something. This is an important element in determining and achieving goals. According to the observation of psychologists and sociologists, the results of human activity are 20-30% dependent on intelligence and 70-80% on motives. Therefore, teachers and parents are concerned about how to form students' positive...

2019-02-15, 03:13 PM

Happy New Year! May it be full of joy and good times.

Happy New Year! May it be full of joy and good times. Be thankful for the prior year and hopeful about the next. Wishing you much prosperity, good health and good luck!

2018-12-29, 07:05 PM

A medal «Blue ribbon for labor»

Professor of the Department of Molecular biology and medical genetics named after Academician RK Raisov T.K. Mynzhanov Masygut Rakhimovich received a medal from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - " Ерен еңбегі үшін" from the hands of the Minister of Health Yelzhan Birtanov. Mynzhanov Masygut Rahimovich is doctor of Biological Scie...

2018-12-20, 08:07 PM

Happy Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

December 16 is the main national holiday of modern Kazakhstan. He marked the birth of a new independent country - the Republic of Kazakhstan. Independence Day for Kazakhstanis, in whose hearts the fire of patriotism burns and love for the Motherland is a special holiday.

2018-12-15, 03:09 PM

Youth against AIDS

World AIDS Day - International UN Day, celebrated on December 1. On the eve of World AIDS Day, the department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines named after Professor Tapbergenov S.O., students of the English department of 244,245 curatorial groups of the department talked about the problem of HIV, AIDS, prevalence to date, ways of...

2018-12-08, 01:52 PM

Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Currently, Kazakhstan is recognized by the international community as a modern democratic state. Considerable merit belongs to the first President N. Nazarbayev, who has headed the Republic since the establishment of the post on April 24, 1990. On the eve of the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on November 29, the...

2018-12-08, 01:44 PM