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KazMSA of Semey Medical University won the regional competition “JasActivists”

On February 7, the youth organization KazMSA of Semey Medical University won the regional competition “JasActivists”, which was organized by «QAZAQSTAN» JSC RTBC in honor of «Year of Youth».

2019-02-20, 07:09 PM


From 11 to 15 February 2019 teachers of the Department of Public Health and Evidence-Based Medicine held the Winter School of Public Health. The 2018-2019 Winter School program was conducted on the theme “Management and Marketing in Healthcare”. The training included the topics “Strategic management and marketing” conducted by Kalbagayeva Zh.E....

2019-02-19, 08:34 PM

"Psychiatry and drug"

Sigmund Freud Says That Psychiatry is the art of teaching people how to stand on their own feet while reclining on couches.

2018-12-22, 01:25 PM

Training on the psychological preparation of students for exams

Since the beginning of the school year, the psychologist conducted trainings to increase the adaptation of university freshmen. These trainings are aimed at improving the communication and interaction of students with each other, to the development of communication skills, as well as to the formation of group cohesion, they are taught to trust...

2018-12-20, 07:38 PM

Say "NO" to Drug

There are many types of drugs in this world. The common drugs are are used are like, marijuana, heroin, and hashish, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), cocaine, nictoine, amphetamines (known as pep pills, ecstasy, and many more.

2018-12-15, 12:31 PM

project “From Heart to the Heart”

In honor of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, cadets of 3-4 courses of the military department of the NAO of Semey Medical University under the direction of the project “From Heart to the Heart” visited veterans of the Great Patriotic War, as well as participants and front workers.

2018-12-08, 02:00 PM