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February 9 International Day of the dentist!

February 9 at the department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines Acting Associate Professor R.R. Olzhayeva and 207 students groups, the English Department, Faculty of stomalogy discussed and congratulated each other on the international day for the dentist!

2017-02-10, 10:35 AM

The meeting of Vice-Rector on Quality and continuing education with students of 3rd source of General medicine faculty

December 23, 2016 meeting was held among the students of the 3rd course of General Medicine faculty. At the meeting Vice-Rector on Quality and continuing education Bayldinova K.J., Dean of PDE Orazalina A.S., deputy dean of the 3rd course Zhylkybaeva A.Ş. and methodist Kulmagambetova G.D.

2017-01-04, 09:42 AM

The seminar-training

As a Head of International Development department in Students' Self Government Association of Semey State Medical University, on December 23, I and my awesome team held the seminar-training for freshman students of english groups.

2017-01-02, 04:40 AM

The Contest – “ Poem is the king of word”

Probably, there is no person who doesn’t know great Abai. Not only Kazakhstan’s people, also other nationalities identify him. Mentioning Abai, we apprehend the essence of Kazakh people.

2016-12-29, 02:02 PM

Acquaintance of students of the 3rd course of the foreign department with the procedure of the winter examination session

On 27th of December, 2016 at 16.30 there was a meeting of Dean of undergraduate education with the students of the third course of foreign department in the lecture hall #1. At the meeting there attended Dean of undergraduate education Orazalina A.S., Vice-Dean Kovaleva L.V., methodist Rakhimberdina G.F. The meeting was devoted to the coming...

2016-12-29, 01:50 PM

Meeting with students of 2nd course of specialty "General medicine"

December 23, 2016 in the lecture hall №2 held a meeting with students of 2nd course specialty "General medicine". The meeting was attended by the Dean of the dean’s office of Undergraduate education, associate professor A.S.Orazalina, vice-dean G.N.Tabuldinova, methodist G.D. Kulmagambetova and members of SSG. The meeting was organized by the d...

2016-12-27, 10:09 AM