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The anniversary evening devoted to the 80 anniversary Aliakparova Makash Tynyshtyқpayuly

October 17, 2017 in the assembly hall was the anniversary evening of the famous graduate, physician with a capital letter, the rector of two medical universities of Kazakhstan, professor, academician of NAS RK, worthy Kazakh artist, true son of the Kazakh steppe, thinker, philosopher Aliakparov Makash Tynyshtykpayuly.

2017-10-18, 10:27 AM

103 groups contributing to the Week of Languages

28.10.17 date, 103 group of students of the specialty "General medicine" and the curator of the group held the event under the auspices of the teacher of the Kazakh and Latin languages ​​department A.Zh.Zhylkybaeva within the weekly "Language is a guarantee of friendship and harmony".Erzhan Amanzhol and Zhumagalieva Zhuldyz, students res...

2017-10-05, 08:55 AM

Terrorism is a human tragedy.

Terrorism – the ideology of violence and the practice of action on the public consciousness, on the taking decisions of government authorities, local authorities or international organizations related with force action, with the intimidation of people, the individual person, the society and the state in general and another forms of unlawful v...

2017-09-29, 01:09 PM

Guidelines for a freshman on the adaptation in the higher education institution

Entering the first year of the university, a student enters an absolutely new environment where it is necessary to adapt in the first days of his/her study. Generally, studentship is the brightest moments in a person's life. During these years a young person finds a place in society, gets a specialty, which will become the foundation of his/her...

2017-09-11, 06:15 PM

The spiritual capital of the country of the great steppe

On June 9, 2017, students of the 4th year of the Dental Faculty visited the exhibition "The Spiritual Capital of the country of the Great Steppe" which is organized in honor of the World Exhibition "EXPO 2017" in the exhibition hall of the Regional Museum of Local History of the City of Semey.

2017-06-16, 03:06 PM

Competition on billiards

In the city of Semey, 10.06.2017, the competition on billiards (on combined pyramid) among medical organizations, dedicated to the day of the "Medical Worker" was held. According to the results of the competition, A.К. Bukatov,

2017-06-14, 02:30 PM