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Holi Festival

Holi is one of the most colorful holidays in India, the Bengali New Year. It is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Phalguna, which falls on February-March.

2017-03-18, 06:27 PM

“Miss University 2017”

The 2nd Miss University pageant, devoted to the “International women’s day”, was held on the 7thof march 2017 at the Semey State medical university in the Assembly hall. 12 contestants of the foreign department of the university took part in the competition. All of the beautiful contestants who put their best efforts were

2017-03-13, 09:26 AM

International Women’s day!

06.03.17 professor of the Public health department Bazarbek Zhenisbek on the eve of « 8- march International Women’s day» had meeting with students of 308 group GM.

2017-03-09, 03:04 PM

Visit to Museum

I with my group mates got the chance of going to the museum together with students of 252, 247 groups and lecturer of biochemistry Olzhayeva R.R. We went to the beautiful museum in the last day of winter. A big royal building with so many beautiful paintings. Paintings were so real that anyone could easily imagine their presence there. It felt...

2017-03-03, 10:20 AM

The language is the key to the soul of the nation

In the center of the culture and the development of languages in Semey was organized the Olympiad «The language is the key to the soul of the nation» for students with deep knowledge of official language. 18 students of our university were participated in this competition, showing their knowledge of official language.

2017-03-03, 09:34 AM

Curatorial hour on the theme “Day of Thanks”

On 1st March 2017 year Curatorial hour on the theme “Day of Thanks” was held by students of 109 GM and111 GM groups. Students made a presentation reflected the mean and origin of the word “Thanks”.

2017-03-02, 06:22 PM