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Olympiad "Experts in biochemistry" of the English department

On April 7, the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Prof. TaзbergenovS.O., held a regular Olympiad "Experts in Biochemistry", for students of the foreign and English departments of the 2nd year. In the olympiad 6 teams took part. Responsible organizers of the Olympiad 241, 351 OM groups, 337 OM group Rao Muhammad ...

2018-04-09, 05:55 PM

60th International Students’ Scientific Conference

The 60th Annual International Students’ Scientific Conference was held on 13 – 14 March 2018 in Semey State Medical University. This year the Conference was dedicated in honor of Late Professor Musin M.N. Local and Foreign students participated and submitted their Researches in different departments and were judged and awarded by members of jur...

2018-04-02, 07:33 PM

"The role of maslikhat in the system of public administration"

On 20 December in 2017 in the building of the city akimat were awarded the participants of the scientific and practical conference among the students of higher educational institutions on the topic: "The role of maslikhat in the system of public administration." At the conference were students of the 2nd course of the specialty general...

2017-12-23, 01:11 PM

A great step to a healthy future

At the 30th of November 2017 there was regular meeting of scientific society at the Department of "Public health". There was a hearing and discussion of reports Jusipova Aiym and Omarova Togzhan who will represent our University in the city of Shymkent.

2017-12-11, 09:47 PM

Students ' club at the Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases

A meeting was held of the students ' club at the Propaedeutic of Internal Diseases, the head of which is teacher Kusainova A. A. On the group meeting was attended by teacher of the Department Zhetmekov J. T. At the meeting of the students of the second and third course of foreign and Kazakh departments were identified in small group by the...

2017-12-06, 11:53 AM

A meeting of the student scientific circle at the department of internship in pediatrics on the theme "Cystic fibrosis. Clinical case »

October 27, 2017 at the Department of Pediatrics internship of the State Medical University of Semey was held before the student scientific circle with the participation of students of 539 groups of GMF and interns - pediatricians of the 6th year.

2017-10-31, 12:29 PM