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Round table "Step into science"

On May 18, 2017, a round table "Step into Science" was held in the large conference hall within the framework of the Improvement Project "Research work of students with a quality mark", organized by the club "Consiliummedicum". Young scientists-researchers of our university and 1st-year students, participants of the 59th international...

2017-05-24, 10:28 AM

Scientific students conference-2017

0n 27th and 28th of april, the conference of students was held. Students researched on the topics assigned to them related to different subjects, such as microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics etc, teachers respective to the subjects taught the students to the near perfection they could and also the participants showed there best of what was...

2017-05-08, 03:55 AM

59th International Scientific and Practical Student Conference "Student science and health"

On April 27-28, our University hosted the 59th International Scientific and Practical Student Conference "Student Science and Health". The work of the conference consisted of 11 sections. The students of the foreign department participated in the work of 4 sections "Social and Humanitarian Disciplines", "Medical and Biological Disciplines",...

2017-05-06, 10:31 AM

Successful completion of scientific works of students of the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines

Students of the department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines, having completed their scientific work, took an active part in the 59th international scientific and practical student conference "Student Science and Health".

2017-05-05, 10:32 AM

59-th Scientific and Practical Conference

2017 April 27-28 the 59th Scientific and Practical Conference was held at the State Medical University of Semey. The conference was attended by students from all universities of our country and students from neighboring countries.

2017-05-05, 09:51 AM

"Actual questions in Nursing practice"

On 20 th of April at SSMU there was a seminar- training on topic: “Actual questions in Nursing practice" for the students of Nursing faculty with patisipation the visiting proffessor, senior expert of the company SES from Germany Petra Voskul. During the seminar questions of evidance-based medicine in nursing practice, management in nursing p...

2017-04-26, 09:18 AM