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Scientific and Practical Conference "Meningococcal infection. Actual questions »

Despite the fact that meningococcal infection is a rare pathology, it is a global world problem, as it is the most common cause of death of children from infections in Europe. Mortality is about 8%, meningococcal infection accounts for up to 80% of meningitis, but half of the time is combined with meningococcemia.

2018-06-01, 06:27 PM

Seminar on the Prevention of Quarantine Infectious Diseases

According to WHO on 28.02.2018, the epidemiological situation of especially dangerous infections (OOI) in the world remains tense. The plague is registered in Madagascar - 4 cases, there are no lethal cases. 2,488 cases of cholera are registered in the world, of which 163 are lethal. Anthrax diseases are registered in Zimbabwe (Africa), 9...

2018-05-31, 12:47 PM

Summing up the results of scientific, public work of students of the English department

Our younger generation is the future of Kazakhstan and an important task of educating the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Tabbergenov S.О. - the formation of important personal qualities among students as scientific thinking, civic responsibility, spirituality and culture, initiative and independence, tolerance, ...

2018-05-05, 04:25 PM

Development of scientific research skills

One of the important areas for the development of special competencies for graduates of SMU is the skills of scientific research. In the end of the work of scientific research projects, successfully defending the materials of scientific works at the conferences of SMU, the members of scientific club students of the Department of Biochemistry...

2018-04-24, 06:13 PM

Olympiad "Experts in biochemistry" of the English department

On April 7, the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Prof. TaзbergenovS.O., held a regular Olympiad "Experts in Biochemistry", for students of the foreign and English departments of the 2nd year. In the olympiad 6 teams took part. Responsible organizers of the Olympiad 241, 351 OM groups, 337 OM group Rao Muhammad ...

2018-04-09, 05:55 PM

60th International Students’ Scientific Conference

The 60th Annual International Students’ Scientific Conference was held on 13 – 14 March 2018 in Semey State Medical University. This year the Conference was dedicated in honor of Late Professor Musin M.N. Local and Foreign students participated and submitted their Researches in different departments and were judged and awarded by members of jur...

2018-04-02, 07:33 PM