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November 15-16, 2016 was held within the walls of the Kazakh National Medical University of S.D.Asfendiyarov scientific-practical conference for students and young scientists called "Health of the Nation - the basis of our successful future", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan to 1000 th anniversary...

2016-11-23, 09:37 AM

The visit of M.D., PhD, Hans-Gerd Meerpohl from Albert-Ludwig University, Germany to Semey State Medical University

"Obstetrics and gynecology, including children" specialty is very important, complex and priority one.Obstetrics and gynecology internship department with the assistance of Semey State Medical University is constantly working to improve the specialists’ quality.

2016-10-03, 03:26 PM

The Visit of Professor from Nagasaki University

May 26, 2016 Professor of Nagasaki University N.Takamura visited Semey State Medical University. The main purpose the visit of Professor N. Takamura - attracting graduates of Semey State Medical University to study at two-year Master's degree in " Disaster and Radiation Medical Sciences" on the basis of a joint program of the University of...

2016-06-09, 05:01 PM

Ordinary victory

On April 21-22 III International scientific-practical conference of students and young scientists “Science and Medicine: A Modern View of Youth”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held. Resident “Radiation therapist” Keremkhanuly Noorlybek performed report on theme: “Our practice of concurrent ch...

2016-05-05, 09:27 AM

Training seminar on GPs, conducted by British general practitioner Vijay Kumar

A family doctor and outpatient surgeon from the United Kingdom, Dr. Vijay Kumar, held a training seminar in the SSMU for instructors of departments of general practice of undergraduate and postgraduate levels, medical interns, family doctors and primary care nurses on April 2016.

2016-05-04, 02:48 PM

State language – a basic factor of unity of the people

28.04.2016 at the Kazakhstanian Innovative University was organized the round table on the topic “State language – a basic factor of unity of the people”. Some students of Semey State Medical University participated. The head of Kazakh and Latin Zhorokpayeva M.D. led the students.

2016-04-29, 02:43 PM