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The hospital management trainings for foreign department!

At 17.04.17-05.05.17 chair of propaedeutic of internal diseases organized the course of “Basis of hospital management’ with the visiting coach Petra Voskuhl (Senior experts’ service company, Bonn, Germany) in the Semey state medical university for students of foreign department. Students from 1-3 course attended with me this trainings, whi...

2017-05-19, 06:12 PM

The meeting of leaders

In 21st April of 2017 at Semey state medical University in the 2nd lecture hall was held a training seminar under the guidance of the teacher of "basics of economic theory" discipline - Alimkhanova N. and the monitor of the 1st course – Yerlan Almas

2017-04-24, 02:40 PM

The Olympiad by anatomy

The Olympiad by anatomy of the central nervous system for first-year students of a foreign department was carried out on April 18, 2017 in the Department of Anatomy and Histology.

2017-04-20, 06:07 PM

Бірнеше шағын сұхбат өткізу бойынша семинар

«Медициналық және фармацевтік білім беру ұйымдарына талапкерлерді таңдау және қабылдауға жаңа әдістерді әдістеу және енгізу» 2016 -2019 жылдарға «Медициналық білім беруді модернизациялау» жобасын жүзеге асыру бойынша Жол картасы тарауын орындау мақсатында, 2017 ж. 10-11, 17-19 сәуірде Семей қ. ММУ «Бірнеше шағын сұхбат (MMI)» оқыту семи...

2017-04-20, 05:26 PM


"Value-Friendship,Criteria-Debate" On 8-9 April, within the walls of our university, in honor of the 6th anniversary of the Salauat debate club, carried out the city tournament of the Friendship Cup "Value-Friendship, Criteria-Debate". Students of the universities and colleges of our city...

2017-04-12, 04:35 PM

A Meeting of students with volunteers from Germany

A Meeting of students with volunteers from Germany On the 8th of April in 2017 was a meeting with volunteers from Germany, which took place in the dormitory #3 of Semey State Medical University. The meeting was organized by members of the English club "Level up" and its curator Zhaiyrbaeva Zh.K. Also, students of the 235th group of the...

2017-04-11, 02:34 PM