Excursion to the museum

On April 19, 2018, students of group 258, together with tutor G.N. Tabuldinova, visited the regional museum of local lore Semey. One of the oldest and largest museums in Kazakhstan was established in 1883. The exposition of the museum, reflecting the history of the Semey region from ancient times to the present, is housed in seven halls.

2018-04-20, 06:57 PM

Knowledge of three languages should become a standard practice for us

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has called Kazakhstan citizens to learn three languages - Kazakh, Russian and English. "Knowledge of three languages should become a standard practice for us. We are teaching (these languages to) our children starting from their first year at school," he said. Nazarbayev emphasized that all the Kazakhstan citizens...

2018-04-20, 11:17 AM

«Основные предикторы суицидального риска и меры их профилактики»

Курс психиатрии кафедры Неврологии, психиатрии, наркологии ГМУ г.Семей в рамках своего проекта улучшения «Основные предикторы суицидального риска и меры их профилактики» уделяет большое внимание общественной деятельности. ...

2018-04-17, 06:17 PM

Tour on the chair of general practice

16.04.2018 by workers of library of SMU of Semey city was organized planed tour on the chair of general practice.

2018-04-17, 04:29 PM


11-13.04.2018 teachers of the Kazakh and Latin chair Abeshova N.M. and Shakirova B.T. held classes on the method of vertical integration "The names of bones" in the groups 245,252,247,151,147 of General medicine faculty. At the lessons of the foreign language students repeated the names of bones in Latin and learned its in Kazakh. During the...

2018-04-16, 09:02 PM

Integration class

On 13.03.18 the teacher of Kazakh and Latin language chair B.F. Zhorgataeva with the teacher of Anatomy Y.N.Milushina had an integration lesson of Kazakh language with English group 146 on the theme “The functions of the parts of body of human organism”. During the lesson students trained to name the parts of body in Kazakh and Latin lan...

2018-04-13, 07:34 PM