In connection with the beginning of the academic year at the hostel was a meeting with the Dean of undergraduate education Orazalina.A.A., Vice-Dean Rymbaeva T.A., commandant Baitemirova.Zh.N. During the meeting, questions were considered about the rights and duties of students living in the hostel, the rules of fire safety, the elders and...

2017-09-14, 11:40 AM

Our trip to «EXPO 2017»

On 6.09.2017, 32 students of Semey state medical university from among the orphans, low-income groups and large families went to the exhibition EXPO 2017, held in the capital Astana. Sponsorship had a "people's Halyk Bank". For half day students had a full tour of the exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, went on a tour of the Water - green Boulevard,...

2017-09-13, 10:13 AM


On the 9 of September, 2017 in the lecture hall of the hostel #1 of Semey State Medical University there was a meeting of students with the Dean of undergraduate education Orazalina A.S., Vice-Dean Zhakupbekova E.A.., commandant Kylyshbaeva Zh. E. and employees of the hostel.

2017-09-12, 12:18 PM

Guidelines for a freshman on the adaptation in the higher education institution

Entering the first year of the university, a student enters an absolutely new environment where it is necessary to adapt in the first days of his/her study. Generally, studentship is the brightest moments in a person's life. During these years a young person finds a place in society, gets a specialty, which will become the foundation of his/her...

2017-09-11, 06:15 PM

Presentation of a scholarship from Nagasaki University School of Medicine

Semey State Medical University and Nagasaki University (Japan) have a productive collaboration for many years. Annually on last days of August representatives of Nagasaki University School of Medicine hold a ceremony of presentation of a scholarship for our students. Election of applicant takes place by characteristic of participants about...

2017-09-07, 07:01 PM

An examination to fill vacancies in groups studying in English

On August 31, 2017, in SSMU passed an exam to fill vacancies in groups of «General Medicine» 2,3 and 4 years with training in English, as well as for freshmen students on the fourth of September.

2017-09-07, 12:54 PM