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“Mister University - 2018”

“Mister University - 2018” event was conducted in the assembly hall of the main building of University on 15.05.18. There were 9 contestants from 1st year of the foreign department who took part in the competition. 4 rounds were there: introduction, talent, question round and arm wrestling.

2018-05-25, 06:29 PM


Local Committee of the Kazakhstan Organization Medical Youth under the leadership of the SCOPH Standing Committee (Standing Committee of Publc Health) held a training under the slogan "To be healthy is fashionably", on the theme "For" and "against" of tattoos and piercings ".

2018-05-23, 03:56 PM

"Biochemistry of organs and tissues"

In accordance with the Policy of Academic Integrity of the GMU of Semey, approved by the rector Y.T. Zhunussov, since May 21, 2018 at the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after prof. S.O. Tapbergenov, for the first time an independent examination of the oral stage of the practical skill of 2nd year students on the...

2018-05-22, 08:10 PM

“Prevention of extremism”

18.05.2018 conference was held on the “Prevention of extremism”, organized by teacher of general practice department. In the discussion took part students of 523,525,535,536,537,538,539 and 540 groups. The presentation reflects the formation of terrorism , the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the fight of terrorism, given the neg...

2018-05-18, 02:25 PM

Visiting professor of the Charité Medical University (Berlin, Germany), Dr. Kerim Mutig on functional anatomy of the nervous system

A cycle of lectures and practical training session, within the framework of the University Development Strategy, was conducted at the Department of Anatomy and Histology of the State Medical University of Semey on 14-18 of the May, 2018 by the visiting professor of the Charité Medical University (Berlin, Germany), Dr. Kerim Mutig on functional ...

2018-05-18, 02:09 PM

Ways of training and development of willpower

Often people are too optimistic about their abilities and abilities. Almost everything except one - self-control. We believe that we are capable of much and at the same time recognize that we do not know how to control ourselves.

2018-05-16, 06:07 PM