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The summer examination for the 3rd course students.

Summer examination for 3rd course students of “General Medicine” faculty began at 05.06.2017. The course of the examination is supervised by the staff of the Dean's office. Representatives of the Parents committee and the Student government have the opportunity to attend the exams at any time.

2017-06-20, 12:47 PM

The spiritual capital of the country of the great steppe

On June 9, 2017, students of the 4th year of the Dental Faculty visited the exhibition "The Spiritual Capital of the country of the Great Steppe" which is organized in honor of the World Exhibition "EXPO 2017" in the exhibition hall of the Regional Museum of Local History of the City of Semey.

2017-06-16, 03:06 PM

Competition on billiards

In the city of Semey, 10.06.2017, the competition on billiards (on combined pyramid) among medical organizations, dedicated to the day of the "Medical Worker" was held. According to the results of the competition, A.К. Bukatov,

2017-06-14, 02:30 PM


On the 26th of May 2017, the annual function of “Mr University” was conducted in the auditorium of the university. It was efficiently organised by the Dean’s office. This competition was held among the students of 1st course of the foreign department. It consisted of 7 highly competitive and eligible contestants. 1st contestant Nadeem khan , 2nd...

2017-06-09, 09:43 AM

Physiologycal Olympiad.

Physiology can rightfully be called a foundation on which medicine is built, because it is the science of the essence of the living, studying both the vital activity of the organism as a whole, and individual systems and processes.

2017-06-05, 09:39 AM

Physiology subject Olympiad among the foreign department students!

At 30.05.17 chair of physiologic disciplines carried out the Olympiad in physiology among the 3d course students of foreign department. Host of the event was Arslan Rao Mohammad, student of 2nd year of foreign department.

2017-06-05, 09:35 AM