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Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On 15 of December 2017 a curatorial hour was held among the students of 101 group of OM, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2017-12-16, 02:55 PM

Excursion to the Abay library

On December 14, 2017 the tutors of 150 and 244 foreign groups Abduakitov A.E. and Tabuldinova G.N., organized a excursion for students to the East Kazakhstan Regional Universal Library named after Abay. Foreign students were acquainted with the information bibliographic department, the reading room, the foreign literature department, the...

2017-12-16, 12:52 PM

In the live broadcast of the program "Kayirli Tan" on the Semey TV channel

On December 15, 2017, on the eve of the Independence Day of Kazakhstan, the second course students of foreign department Sharma Akshat Kumar and Adil Khan together with their tutor, teacher of the department of Modern History of Kazakhstan and GED G.N.Tabuldinova took part in the live broadcast of the program "Kayirli Tan" on the Semey...

2017-12-15, 06:32 PM

Independence Day of Kazakhstan

Independence Day of Kazakhstan by right can be called one of the most significant holidays not only for the state, but for the whole people. In 1990, the republic restored its right to independence. Since then, for 26 years, this event in the history of the formation of independent modern Kazakhstan is celebrated on December 16.

2017-12-15, 10:13 AM

Еvening of "Patriotic Songs"

On December 12, 2017, at 5:00 pm, an evening of "Patriotic Songs" took place among 1st-course students. The event was organized by the department of Kazakh and Latin languages. The main organizer is Ayzhan Sharipovna Zhylkibaeva and the 103 group of the specialty "general medicine". The event was held in the 3rd dormitory, on the 1st floor of...

2017-12-14, 11:46 AM

Meeting carried out by praepostors of 3 course

In 7.12.17, vice-dean of “General medicine” of the 3rd course - A.S. Zhylkybayeva and specialist on methodical work of “General medicine” of the 3rd and 4th courses - G.D. Kulmaganbetova holded a meeting with praepostors of 3rd course in base of academic plan.

2017-12-13, 08:51 PM