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Fine art

Yesterday on November 15, our two groups 147 and 158 went to the Abai Theater. We saw a beautiful ballet performance. To our city came the famous ballet troupe of Bulat Ayukhanov. We saw not only the classical Russian ballet, but also modern Kazakh dance performance. In addition to classical music, ethnomusic was used in this dance show. It was...

2017-11-17, 12:47 PM

Happy Student's Day!

Happy Student's Day - your first professional holiday, and I wish you a successful study and a wonderful mood! Let the student's years fly lightly, leaving only good memories and bringing you closer to dreams, a happy life and a brilliant career!

2017-11-17, 11:46 AM

Spiritual revival: "Earth Great"

The literary and memorial museum of Abay being one of the most cultural centers of our Kazakhstan. Today in our country the museum - are guides playing a large role in scientific and cognitive the direction in formation of science, education and culture.

2017-11-14, 09:03 AM

Seminar-training "Compliment"

23.10.2017 took place the psychological training for curator groups of department of dentistry. In quality the guest was invited to a training the psychologist-sociologist of the Semey State Medical University Asylbekova Aygerim Mukhametbekkyza. The training was provided in the form of games, such as: "Acquaintance", "Crocodile", "Soccer",...

2017-11-08, 01:19 PM

Stress is life

Today the concept of "stress" is so firmly entrenched in our language, which, it seems, does not even require explanations. This English word we use at every step, when we complain about a hard life and nervous overload.

2017-11-08, 01:05 PM

First excursion

10.27.17 teachers of the chair of Kazakh and Latin languages B.T. Shakirova and А.S. Zhylkykbaeva organized an excursion for foreign students of groups 155 and 158 to visit the monument «Stronger than death! » The tutors showed to the students the plaque with the decree "Mayors of cities for a nuclear-free world". The tutors told the students wi...

2017-11-06, 10:11 PM