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Meeting with students of 2-5 courses of a foreign department

On October 17th, 2017 in the second lecture hall and October 18th in the first lecture hall of Semey State Medical University there were meetings with students of a foreign department of "General Medicine" specialty. On the agenda was a discussion of the results of the summer session of 2016-2017 academic year, changes in policy discipline and...

2017-10-22, 04:13 PM

Polylanguage – real action

At the end of September some groups 103 Stom, 104 Stom and 105 Stom with their tutors M.S. Nurgazina, Kusainova Zh.S. and Abeshova N.M., with the specialist in the state language B.A. Zhorgataeva and with the responsible for the educational work of the department B.T. Shakirova participated in the brain-ring organized by the head of the...

2017-10-22, 03:57 PM

Meeting of 2nd year students of foreign department with representatives of migration police

October 17, 2017 in the second lecture hall of the Semey State Medical University was a meeting of students of the 2nd course of the foreign department of the specialty "General Medicine" with representatives of the Migration Police Office of the Department of Internal Affairs of the East Kazakhstan region. On the agenda was an explanation of...

2017-10-22, 03:44 PM

Meeting with a psychologist

On October 6, 2017, the first meeting of students of the 111th group of the Faculty of GM with the psychologist of the SSMU Asylbekova А. M. was held. The main goal of the meeting is to create a trusting relationship in the group, to strengthen the collective spirit, as well as a spirit for positive work. Various kinds of trainings were ...

2017-10-14, 09:15 PM

Psychological training for freshmen

5.10.2017 at the request of the adviser of group 138 OM Beleukhanova Corlan Magauyanovna was conducted psychological training. 14 students of the group participated in the training. The training was aimed at adapting freshmen to their group, and then to the the university. When conducting psychological trainings, students are closely acquainted...

2017-10-14, 09:01 PM

Meeting with the students of the 1 course the specialty of "General Medicine"

On 28th of September of 2017 year, in the lecture hall №2 there was a meeting with students of second course on the specialty of "General Medicine". The meeting was attended by: Vice-rector of educational and upbringing work Zhunusova A.B., Dean of undergraduate education Orazalina A.S., Deputy Dean Rymbaeva T.A., Methodist Abilkasimova A.M.

2017-10-08, 10:37 AM