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Love your bones - protect your future! About the World Day for the Prevention of Osteoporosis

October 20 in 80 countries of the world celebrates World Day for the Prevention of Osteoporosis. This day has been celebrated in the world since 2005 and is held annually in order to convey to people around the world information that: osteoporosis is a “silent epidemic” in which for a long time there are no symptoms and only back pain can be the...

2018-10-18, 11:17 AM

Meeting of the School of Public Health

On October 12, 2018, the 2nd meeting of the School of Public Health was held at the Department of Public Health and Evidence-Based Medicine. At the meeting, the head of Public Health School-Shaltynov A.T. and the chairman of Public Health School- Қadylbek Zh.A. presented and explained the plan for the event for the coming year. The activists ...

2018-10-18, 09:48 AM

What is the Fall depression and how to deal with it correctly

There is a spring depression, there is an fall depression. The thing is that in the offseason the psyche is weakened, hence this melancholy. Seasonal depression usually lasts from mid-October to mid-December. Good mood returns closer to the New Year holidays: laziness and gratuitous melancholy drive away pleasant chores, search for gifts and...

2018-10-17, 07:43 PM

Going forward with the Leader of the nation

Kazakhstan has reached a new historical period. The well known goal is entering to the world’s thirty developed countries. The program “Rukhani Zhangyru” is a new approach in solution of important tasks. Look into the future is the modernization of the public consciousness. It involuntarily entertained with pride for our beautiful country. The ...

2018-10-16, 11:26 PM

"The conversion to the Latin alphabet - the requirement of time."

On 3 of October in 2018 the curator of the 110-group of the faculty of OM Alina.G.M. and the teachers of the department of philological disciplines held a curatorial hour on the topic: "The conversion to the Latin alphabet - the requirement of time."

2018-10-15, 10:10 PM

«Historical Museum-135 year!»

October 10, in connection with the 135-year-old Semey Historical Museum of Local Lore, students of 406 Dentistry groups in the framework of the “Ruhani Zhangyru” program got acquainted with the museumА new museum expositions are:

2018-10-13, 10:38 AM